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Adams Speedline 9088UL Driver Review

November 12, 2018 |

What’s in a sound? One of the worst things that’s ever happened in sports was the introduction of aluminum bats in baseball. That sharp ping with a hollow echo can’t compare to the crack of a Louisville Slugger on a hanging curve ball.

A similar thing has happened in golf. The loud burst of peak sound caused by modern drivers not only ruins the tranquility of the course, it likely damages your hearing. In the old days, you could barely hear a good shot. It was more of a powerful swoosh. Golf should be like that, a bit understated.

That’s one of the reasons I like the Adams Speedline 9088UL Driver. It’s light-weight and has the big modern head, but the impact sound is deep, solid, not so all-metal. It lets your shot speak for itself. How many times have you heard that wacky, loud ping and watched a monster slice over to the wrong fairway.

Speaking of a slice, and who hasn’t had a few choice words for that common miss-hit, according to this driver review, the Adams Speedline can help put that banana on the straight and narrow, without all the torturous swing corrections and desperate stance changes.

And, of course, it’s extra light. At 280 grams, it can brag about having one of the lowest swing weights of any of the competition. It has good balance and doesn’t pull at the hands, which makes it easier to release the club head for a nice follow through.

The light weight means faster swing speed, so the ball will go farther, and since the driver is designed to forgive bad strikes, the shot will likely land where you can find it. You’re going to get more consistent distance and be within 10 yards on either side of the target line.

At the business end of a 46-inch shaft, the Adams Speedline 9088UL has an aerodynamic head that puts the ball in the air off the tee. It might take a little getting used to, but tee it up a littler lower and find the sweet spot. By the way, pros don’t tee it up as high as you and your buddies do.

Despite its light-weight bona fides, the Speedline 9088UL has a feel to it that many other such drivers don’t. One guy who tested it for a driver review got all giggly after being able to draw the ball on purpose for the first time in nearly a half century of golf.

The color scheme is black on black, with a matte finish and cool depressions on the head. It looks great in the pro shop, but black tends to scuff easy and show its wear. Ah, well, that’s what head covers are for.

Two versions are available, standard and a club face that sets closed to help draw the ball. The grip is the Adams Velvet.

Manufacturer’s suggested price is $399.

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