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Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour Driver Review

November 12, 2018 |

No matter how high their handicaps, golfers always look on the bright side. We don’t swing like the pros–heck, sometimes Tiger Woods doesn’t either–but we carry on, boosted by the precious few times when we’re able to put the golf driver against the ball at precisely the right place and see the little white orb glide through the air to land where it was aimed. To a duffer, there is no sweeter joy.

Well, hitting that sweet spot off the tee just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new Callaway Razr Hawk Driver series. Heck, with either the Razr Hawk Driver or the Razr Hawk Tour, you can hit it on the toe, heel, a little low, a little high, just about anywhere and the ball will land someplace playable.

Not only do these drivers look like sleek par crushers, a black color scheme, with red alignment lines, that is straight forward and not overly showy, the sticks are made with crazy light “forged composite,” co-developed with Lamborghini racing engineers, and with a graphite shaft. Talk about easy swinging.

The Razr Hawk is 46-inches long and the Hawk Tour is 45.5, which means a wide swing arc, and that coupled with the light weight means your swing speed will be faster and the ball will go farther. As much as 20 yards farther. You’ll be closer to the hole for your second shot, which might be foreign territory, but you’ll get used to it.

While the Hawk Tour has a 445cc head, slightly smaller than the Hawk Driver, both have cast titanium cup faces for better ball speed on miss-hits. And better pop, what the experts call a “trampoline effect.” The ball flies off the club.

The weight is balanced to give these club heads a lower center of gravity, which helps put the ball up in the air. And who doesn’t like long, high-flying shots from their golf driver? The balance is exceptional because of a manufacturing process that’s melts ultra-thin carbon fibers and then shapes them to the club maker’s exact specifications. The company says that the aerodynamic design reduces drag by more than 40 percent over the FT-9, which caused a bit of a sensation a few years ago with its fusion technology.

And they are made to last, too, with an aluminum skid plate for extra durability.

Every player knows that a golf driver is one of the most difficult clubs to hit, but the Callaway Razr Hawk Driver series has forgiveness built right in, so much so that beginners can put them in their bags and swing with confidence.

The impact sound isn’t as high-pitched as many other drivers, which I happened to like. In fact, about the only thing wrong with these drivers is that I still have to do the swinging.

Both models are priced at $399.

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