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Hair Growth Product Analysis: Profollica Hair Loss Treatment

Hair has its own cycle which involves the growth stage (anagen), the end of the growth stage (catagen) and the resisting phase (telogen). When this cycle is working perfectly, hundreds, even thousands of stands grow every day, while more than 50 stands are lost each and every day. This is part of the hair renewal process. However, things may go wrong and the hair follicle would not regenerate any longer. It all starts with thinner hair and ends up with bald patches of scalp. Even though the process is more common in men, women have similar issues with their hair too.

The main cause of hair loss is considered to be the excess amount of dihydrotestosterone in the human body. DHT clings to the hair follicle, damaging its structure and preventing the nourishing substances from reaching the hair root. Thus, the process of hair loss is accelerated and the hair cycle is broken. Profollica hair growth product, with its three stages of treatment, blocks the further production of DHT, stops the accelerated hair cycle, revives the hair follicle and nourishes it so that you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, thick and shiny hair once again.

As mentioned previously, Profollica has three main stages which must be repeated each and every day, for optimal results. The first is Profollica shampoo, which replaces your normal shampoo. Wash your hair each and every morning with this all natural shampoo and the sebum and dirt clogging the hair follicles will be removed, while the DHT production will be blocked. After that, apply the gel which will nourish the scalp and increase blood circulation in the area. Last, but not least, take one Profollica pill each day in order to stimulate hair growth. This complete and complex treatment will address hair loss faster and more effective than other similar products which focus only on DHT blocking.

Due to the fact that it is an all-natural hair loss treatment, based on herbal ingredients, there have been reported no side effects. Yet, it is recommended to take the pills after you have eaten, while if you are allergic to one of the substances contained by it, it is advisable to ask your doctor prior to using this treatment.

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Hair Growth Product Analysis: Herbal H Advanced Hair Regrowth Spray

Hair is falling and nothing grows instead! If you are one of the millions men who have to deal with this scenario daily, then you probably want a potent product that will not only stop the hair from falling, but will also give you back the amount of hair you lost. Herbal H Advanced Hair Regrowth Spray is the product which claims to do that and even more!

Based on herbal extracts and a new formula called herbal minoxidil, this hair growth product in form of a liquid spray is claimed to treat the cause of hair falling (which in most cases is the excessive dihydrotestosterone inside the body) and at the same time to stimulate the further production of hair. Herbal H uses both herbal hair growth vitamins and FDA-approved ingredient (Minoxidil 3%). There are basically two steps involved in the hair regrowth process when using Herbal H: the first step is minimizing the damaging effects produced by dihydrotestosterone, which will steadily decrease the amount of hair loss. The second step, as guessed, involves the actual regrowth of the hair by creating a proper environment for its development. Now introducing Penetrating Peel Technology patented by Herbal H, the spray cleans the scalp, hydrates it, improves blood circulation, increases the number of follicles and hair roots and nourishes them for a rapid and proper development.

For proper results, the spray should be applied twice a day on the area to be treated: once in the morning and once before going to bed. The scalp must be clean and dry, with no traces of chemical products or water, which may influence its results. After spraying it on the scalp, the product must be left for few hours to dry out and penetrate deep in the layers of skin.

Herbal H hair loss treatment has not been yet reported to have any side effects on the scalp. Also, because it is only used externally, it does not affect the stomach or the liver, like all other hair loss treatments and it does not have any effects upon the hair from any other regions of your body. In addition to that, the sexual life of the individuals using this spray has not been affected in any way by the usage of this product.

This product it is suitable for men of any age, having great results in almost all cases of alopecia and does not need a medical prescription, nor is a health hazard in any way. The new technology and formulation of herbal h makes it the safest and most effective on the market which is why it is rated #1 by our consumers for 2017.

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The Different Options To Regain Hair

When going for one or another hair loss treatment, you want everything to go smooth and to gain your strong, thick and healthy hair back in a matter of weeks. However, the chances of getting the results you have always wanted vary from product to product as well as from patient to patient. Below you will find a list with the possible hair treatments and their rate of success.

Naturist treatments 
These are by far the most used types of hair loss treatments as they are highly affordable and easy to use. However, the chances of getting your hair back just by using some natural oils or herbal tinctures and teas are rather reduced. Even though there are people claiming that they are effective, there is no scientific proof that they will actually work. The most they can do is stop hair loss and give hair a healthy look, but when it comes to hair regrowth they are quite ineffective.

Drugs like minoxidil and Propecia, as well as natural inhibitors of DHT (Provillus, Procerin and Profollica) seem to have great effects on most patients trying them. They stop hair falling and strengthen the hair strand. Also, there have been reports and studies claiming that such drugs are effective in case of follicle revival and hair re-growth, too. However, they may not work for all patients. Also, be aware of scam products which only try to take your money without offering anything in exchange.

Laser treatment 
Laser treatment against hair loss is a relatively new technique and the opinions about it are divided between very good and awful. There have been studies proving that the laser technique can be quite effective in stimulating hair growth and stopping hair loss, yet there are also patients claiming that this technology did not work for them. So, even though the laser technology may be the new procedure for hair growth, nowadays its results are still variable.

Hair implant
Many people consider that hair implant is the only solution for them. Even though in this case the chances of success are almost 100%, there is still a slight feeling of disappointment, as the number of hair strands you have remains the same, while only their disposure changes. Also, not everyone is eligible for the procedure, which may significantly diminish the rate of popularity and success of this technique.

Choosing between these hair growth treatments is a complex decision which has to be based on a through evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages as well as on the success rate they provide. Thus, make sure that you check each product and procedure more than twice before deciding which one you are going to follow the next months!

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Follow Important Guidelines to Keep Hair Healthy

Hair is your best accessory, an accessory which can make you look fabulous in a minute. You can color it, try different hair cuts and different hair styles that will match your overall look and your lifestyle. Yet, at the same time, a damaged, bad looking hair will immediately ruin your aspect, no matter how nicely dressed you are or how good you smell. This is why it is essential to have a healthy hair that will be able to add something to your appearance. However, having a good looking, healthy and styles hair may not always be as simple as it seems.

With all those chemical substances, stress and problems, keeping your hair in good conditions may e quite a challenge. This is why you will have to give it proper attention. The first thing you have to do is choose your hair care products with increased care. Because these products are used daily, they must fit your type of hair perfectly and give it all the nutrients it needs in order to look good and healthy each and every day. Shampoos, conditioners, mousse and other similar cosmetic products must all be suitable for your hair type and texture. If you color your hair use products especially designed for colored hair, which protect both your color and your hair.

Even though medium or long hair can be attractive in both men and women, it is wised to wait longer for your hair to reach the length you want then skip the normal deadlines for hair cut. Edge trimming it is always required as they are the older part of your hair and in time it gets damaged and has an anesthetic aspect. Once you get rid of the damaged edges, your hair will look healthier and much more attractive.

During extreme seasons (summer and winter), your hair will need specific protection which will keep the sun/extreme cold from damaging it. This may include changing shampoos according to weather conditions or apply specially designed products that will nourish the hair strand and will protect it from any damage.

Even though a proper care is needed for a healthy hair, in most of the cases, the recipe for a fabulous hair comes from inside your body. The improper diet, irregular meals, smoking, alcohol drinking, increased stress levels and fatigue are factors which can significantly affect your hair. Thus, a switch to a normal, healthy lifestyle will not only make you feel better, but will also have dramatic effects on your hair. It will be soft and silky, healthy and shiny, so that you will always want to keep your hands in it.
Your hair deserves all the care and attention it can get. Thus, make sure that your actions will not lead to its damage in any way.

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Learn About the Side Effects Involved

Hair plays an important part in one’s overall image. This is why, more and more people turn to hair loss treatments to prevent their hair from falling, stimulate regrowth and have a shiny, healthy and good looking hair. There are plenty of treatments against hair falling and choosing between them can be quite a challenge as they have both positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately, many people only take a look at what the product promises to do and often neglect their disadvantages. Most of the times, this leads to unpleasant situations. Below you will find what side effects can occur when using different types of hair loss treatments.

Itching, burning, irritation 
Among the most common side effects when choosing topical creams, ointments, foams, sprays, shampoos or conditioners are itching, burning or irritation. This mainly happens when the patient is allergic to a certain substance contained in the product, when the scalp is sensitive or has been previously exposed to other damaging factors (sun, chemical factors or diseases). Rogaine, Procerin, Revigogen, Profollica and Herbal-H are only some of the hair loss treatments which can have those side effects. In case of laser treatments, irritation may occur because of the device, but there have been reported no side effects from laser lights.

Some pills, such as Provillus and Procerin have been reported to cause stomachaches when taken before meals. However, this can be avoided by taking the pills after you have eaten your meal.

Dizziness, alert heartbeat, swelling
Chemical products, no matter if they are ingested or applied on the skin can result in more serious side effects, such as alert heartbeat, increased blood tension, dizziness, headaches or swelling. If this happens when undergoing a hair loss treatment, it is advisable to stop the treatment and see a doctor for minute checking.

Sexual dysfunctions
Some of the DHT inhibitors may cause serious sexual dysfunctions in men. Impotence and erectile problems have been reported by men using Propecia. While the company producing it admits these side effects and claims that they are only temporary, many men state that these effects are irreversible.

Greasy hair 
Topical treatments or those who require daily application on the scalp will automatically make the hair look greasy and have that dirty look, like it has not been washed for days. If this affects your hairstyle, you can apply the treatment early in the morning and wash your hair before leaving home. This may prolong your expectation for new hair strands, but at least will save your image.

The side effects of hair loss treatments vary from product to product, as well as from patient to patient. This is why, if you undergo such a treatment and started feeling bad you should stop it and diagnose your problem. It is your health in the middle and it is imperative to take good care of it above all.

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Learn So You Won’t Be A Victim

Finding the right hair growth product that will stop hair loss and that will effectively promote hair growth may seem quite a demanding task. Even though most patients having to deal with hair loss are somehow prepared for the trial and error process which lies ahead, the vast majority loses their faith after trying countless products which do not work. If your hair is falling abundantly, even after trying several so called wonder products, then you probably know the feeling.

The most used means of information is nowadays, the internet. You can research all the topics you want, even the most embarrassing or personal ones, like hair loss. You get all the information you want and you can even order products that will come at your doorstep. No hassle, no stress and no exposure are involved.

With all these advantages it is no wonder that more and more people choose to order their hair loss products from the internet. However, not all the products available online are trustworthy. In fact, the internet is the most favorable environment for the development of criminality. Because checking credentials, asking for explanations or getting a refund are harder things when it comes to the online community and at the same time because most of the times there is no brick and mortar office where you can go for filling a complaint, many people have taken advantage of hair loss sufferers’ naivety or desperation. Thus, there are great chances to pay a fortune on online hair loss products which will at the most make your hair shinny, but will neither stop hair loss, nor will they stimulate further growing.
However, there are also reputable online sites, from where you can buy effective products.

In order to make a difference between the two types of products, you should always look for products with numerous and serious reviews, as well as veridical customer testimonials. Also, search for products which can also be found in drug stores, so that you are sure that the product you purchase is not just another online scam.

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Find Out The Scientific Term for Your Hair Loss

Hair is falling on and on and you simply do not what to do? Well, before actually trying all the natural remedies you have learned about or even worse, start any hair loss treatment, it is advisable that you take a look at the cause which triggered your hair loss and at the type of hair loss you are suffering from. Only this way will you be able to head towards the right anti-hair fall treatment.

In almost 95% of cases the responsible for hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia, or what is known under male/female pattern baldness. The androgen hormones are the ones affecting the hair follicles, damaging them and causing hair fall. In men Androgenetic Alopecia causes hairless scalp patches, while women balding is more diffuse, the entire scalp being affected. Some of the best treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia are zinc, minoxidil, Propecia and Tretinoid for men and Diane 35, Spironolactone and Nizoral for women.

Alopecia Aerata is the second type of hair loss which makes lots of victims. It is an auto-immune disease, which means that the body no longer recognizes hair follicles as belonging to it and starts attacking them with the sole purpose of suppression. This condition usually stops by itself after about 3 months. Yet, there are also treatments which can speed up the process. Corticosteroids, Minoxidil and Tretinoid are great for treating mild Alopecia Aerata, while Systematic Cortisone, irritants and immune-suppresives work for more severe cases.

When the hair loss is caused by the infection of the hair follicles, it is most likely that we are talking about Scarring Alopecia. This is one of the most serious cases of hair loss, as in some cases the process can be irreversible. People with this type of hair loss notice rough patches on your scalp, made up of connective tissues and blood vessels. There are many different types of Scarring Alopecia, each one with its specific treatment, so you should see a doctor if you remark some strange patches on your scalp.

Telogen Effluvium or temporary hair loss can be triggered by many factors, such as birth control pills, pregnancy, stress, surgery, dieting or different treatments. This type of hair loss usually disappears when the cause is gone. Yet, when the cause is maintained, there is a risk of continuous hair falling. In this case a doctor must be seen for specific treatment.

Other types of hair loss include Anagen Effluvium – occurs in cancer treatment or prolonged exposure to chemicals, Syphilitic Alopecia – a side effect of syphilis or Traction Alopecia – caused by tight hairstyles. Each of these types of hair loss has its own treatment so before choosing between the numerous hair growth products available on the market, make sure you know what was the cause which triggered your hair loss.

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All About Minoxidil

Is Minoxidil A Good Option?

Minoxidil is a chemical substance originally used for treating high blood pressure. However, when it was reported that taking minoxidil pills regularly had as side effect the significant strengthening of hair strands from all over the body, scientists have anticipated its success in stopping hair thinning, hair loss and stimulating hair growth. And they were not at all wrong! Nowadays, minoxidil is one of the most popular and effective treatment in hair loss and hair regrowth.
The way in which this drug functions is not very clear. What is known is that it acts as a potassium channel opener, thus hyperpolarizing the cell membranes. Also, it has been proved that it has better effects on younger patients which have recently lost their hair. Ideal patients for minoxidil are male or female individuals of 18 to 40 which have thin hair and have recently started to lose their hair. Even though it has had some positive results in re-growing hair on bald patches of scalp, this substance is not recommended as a baldness treatment. In addition to that, it has been discovered that after 30 to 90 days from the treatment the results diminish and the hair gets back to its pre-treatment state.
Minoxidil can be found on the market under the market name of Rogaine in United States and New Zealand, Herbal-H in Canada and Regaine in Europe and Asia. It is available in the form of foam or in liquid state. The 5% concentration (foam or liquid) is recommended only for men, while the milder concentration of 2% can also be used by women.

Even though minoxidil is not in any high risk drug category, there are some groups of people which should ask their doctor before using this treatment. Here we must mention pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant in the near future, people who have or have had liver problems, heart or kidney diseases or who have suffered from scalp diseases. People allergic to minoxidil, people who are under any type of treatment or those who expose their scalp excessively to sun may also need to ask their doctor before using minoxidil.

The main side effects reported by patients using minoxidil externally were mild irritation, drying, burning or scalp itching. Yet, in case these symptoms get worse and you also start to have chest pains, dizziness, swelling, gaining rapid weight or have difficulty in breathing stop the treatment and see your doctor for some tests.

Minoxidil is a good option for both men and women who want to stop hair loss and their strong and thick hair back. If used properly it can give positive effects, which will not only bring your hair back, but will also give you the confidence you so much needed.

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Important Factors That Cause Hair Loss

Almost all people suffer, at one moment in their lives of hair loss. There are several causes which can lead to hair falling and each of them needs to be addressed in a specific manner. This is why, when you notice that more hair that usual is starting to fall from your head, it is essential to find out the cause of hair loss and only afterwards start treating it. Only this way will you be able to effectively address the cause, stop hair falling and strengthen your hair strands. Below you will find a list with possible factors which have triggered hair loss in your case.

Hormonal imbalances and DHT
Pregnancy, hormonal imbalances or menopause are the preponderant factors triggering hair loss in women, while DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a by-product of testosterone is responsible for hair falling in case of men. Most cases of male alopecia are caused by DHT.

Loss of nutrients vitamins 
A weak body, which lacks proper vitamins and nutrients will not be able to support hair growth and will eventually stop from nourishing it. This is why, it is recommended that you should periodically make some tests and see if your body is alright, or there are certain vitamins or minerals that it needs in order to function properly.

Another factor which leads to hair loss is health problems. Diabetes, AIDS, lupus, cancer and different types of infection can significantly affect the good functioning of hair follicles, which eventually results in hair loss. Also, medication for some diseases and illnesses have as side effects hair falling, thus before actually starting taking them ask your doctor about how they are going to affect your hair follicles and what you can do to counteract their effects in this direction.

Pollution and chemical damaging
Chemical substances, regardless if they are hair products or pollutants clog the pores, thus leaving the follicle unable to breathe. In most of the cases the hair follicle gets severely damaged and the hair strand falls, without the possibility of ever getting regenerated. Thus, it is advisable to stay away from harsh chemical products as much as possible and wash your hair daily if you live in a highly polluted area. This will prolong your hair’s life, will make it healthier, stronger and eventually thicker.

Many modern diseases are generated by stress and hair loss is not an exception. Some days of relaxation will not only make you feel better, but will also help your hair revive and get back the strength it needs to look great and stop from falling.

Knowing exactly which of these factors have triggered your hair fall is essential for proper treatment. Thus, before going for one or another hair loss treatment it is advisable to take some blood tests and see a doctor for a specialized diagnostic.

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Safest Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair has its on cycle, which involves a period of growth, a period in which it stops from growth and starts to fall and a period in which the follicle is inactive. Thus, it is quite normal to lose some hair strands (up to 70 in a day). Yet, when this number is rapidly growing and there are no strands to replace the fallen ones, bald patches appear on the scalp. This is the time when people get alarmed and start looking for hair growth products and treatments which will help them get their hair back. With the multitude of hair loss treatments and hair growth stimulators, it should not be hard to find a product which will work for everyone. However, not all products and hair loss treatments are very safe for your health. This is why, before choosing one or another treatment it is advisable to see whether the product or service you have chosen is safe or has multiple side effects.

External treatments (sprays, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.) are considered to have the fewer side effects, thus rank first when it comes to safety issues. This is mainly because they only treat a limited area (the area affected by baldness), thus they cannot increase the amount of hair you have on your body. Also they cannot affect your sexual life (as some pills do) as they do not influence the hormones in any way. In addition to that, because they are not ingested they do not have any damaging effect upon liver, stomach or kidneys. There have been reported some side effects, such as irritation, redness or itching, but they were minor effects and they stopped immediately after the product was no longer used.

Another safe treatment when it comes to hair loss is the laser treatment. With very few to no side effects reported, this type of treatment seems to have totally conquered the world of hair loss remedies. Because laser treatment used for hair loss uses cold light, the skin surface is not affected and the effect is localized in the area with problems. However, because this treatment is more expensive than the topical lotions and shampoos, it is ranked second in people’s preferences.

External lotions, foams, shampoos, conditioners, as well as the laser treatment are by far the safest means through which you can get your hair back. There are plenty of products in this category which can give you optimal results without affecting your health in any way. Thus, there is no need to put your health in danger when you can have the same results with a harmless product.

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