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Cleveland CG Black Driver Review

November 12, 2018 |

Cleveland Golf started 40 years ago making high-end replicas of classic golf clubs. It first ventured into high-tech designs in the 1990s, but players balked at the radical look. Such a reaction seems rather quaint these days. Players are teeing it up with clubs that look straight out of a military hardware catalog.

There has been a recent trend toward more traditional looking clubs, but modern technology isn’t going away. I can’t imagine hitting an old 1-iron. You don’t get much help from the old clubs, but they sure looked good, like a link stick is supposed to.

Enter the Cleveland CG Black Driver. It’s look doesn’t exactly hearken to the olden days, but its feel does. It’s a classic attitude meshed with today’s golfing science. Few other companies, perhaps none, have the background and sensibility to meld the two eras together.

During one driver review, a player whistled like a construction worker at first site of the CG Black driver.

The company’s awareness even extends to the head cover, which has a handle for easy removal, and it’s made with a variety of fabrics and textures. Pulling it off is like unveiling a museum piece. Except the the beauty underneath can produce prodigious tee shots and envious looks from playing partners.

The Cleveland CG Black driver reviews all come back with sterling recommendation; although, I’d say this club isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for players looking to get a quick fix of their slice or hook. It does, however, induce a launch path that favors a high draw. For a player without too many afflictions, the club might be the one he’s looking for.

For the rest of us with swing speeds under 100 mph, we’re going to see significant increases off the tee. This is because the shaft is light–it barely feels like you’re holding anything–and club face is manufactured with a built-in trampoline effect, which means that a lot of energy is transferred to the ball at impact. This collision zone is where the extra distance come from.

The Cleveland CG Black driver is colored black, with a little subtle white and silver tones. The 460cc head stretches back from the face and “sleek” is the word that comes to mind. There is no doubt that it is a blend of the old and the new. When you pull that cover off, be careful the club doesn’t launch itself right out of the bag.

The CG Black driver is a single club all by itself, no adjustment gears, but it does come in a variety of lofts. Take you pick. You’ll probably be glad you spent the $399.

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