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Find Out If You Should Consult A Doctor Concerning Your Hair Loss

November 14, 2018 |

Nowadays, hair loss is an issue which affects a large share of the population. Whether it is caused by hormonal imbalances, diseases or continuous stress, hair loss is annoying and at the same time face threatening. This is why people turn to over the counter treatments or rush to the nearest laser or hair transplant clinic. Yet, the number of people choosing to see a doctor before starting a hair losstreatment is rather reduced. The reasons vary, but most of the times they do not take this issue too seriously to worry about the side effects of these treatments. However, seeing a doctor is quite necessary in some situations. Equally true is that there are products which do not need specific advice. Thus, when should you see the doctor after all?

Well, let’s start with the situations in which you do not need a specialized opinion in order to start a hair loss treatment! There are plenty of over the counter, natural remedies which have very few, to no side effects and which can be taken without asking for your doctor’s permission. Also, the usage of differenthair loss shampoos, conditioners and sprays, as well as the usage of some topical lotions which have been reported to cause minor side effects will not need a specialized approval from your doctor or dermatologist either. If you love home made remedies and are using only natural, non-invasive ingredients, then you will be free to try these remedies without any further permission. All these hair loss treatments have had very few side effects and even if they had, they were easily dealt with without leaving any irreversible traces. This is why you can use them without worrying too much about their side effects unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients from their composition.

When it comes to synthetized drugs and lotions, things are quite different. Because many laboratory conceived hair los substances have been proved to have serious side effects, like impotence, sexual dysfunctions or fetal malformation, it is advisable to see your doctor before starting the treatment. Also, laser treatment done in dermatologist’s office and hair implant will necessary require a previous evaluation from your doctor. This will save you from other displeasures on the long run.
Also, if you are taking some other medicine, it is recommended to ask your doctor or your pharmacist about the way in which the two treatments will interact.

Even though it is not necessary to see a doctor before starting your hair loss treatment, it is always a good idea to monitor your health. Thus, doing some blood tests regularly is a great thing no matter if you are on a hair loss treatment or not!

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