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Findign Way to Save for My New Car

August 14, 2015 |

I want to buy a new car in the spring but I had to lend family some money and I spent a lot of my own during a bad time so it is going to be tougher than I thought to do it on time. I saved some money on my TV bill by looking into direct tv packages. This was better than what I had been paying. I then switched to a less expensive but still good quality food for my dog as well as buying myself less snacks and making more of my own food from scratch. This has also been more healthy for me. That in turn has given me more energy to work longer hours and stay more focused so I am earning more and this will help me reach my goal faster.

I am planning to buy a Prius of course to save money on gas. I think I will get a Prius V. They said it gets a bit lower mileage and handles a wee bit less well than the regular Prius but it has a lot more room. I do live a bit far from the city so need something with a bit of space for shopping trips. I am not sure if I will get the extra package though. It sounds nice the auto car spacer thing for cruise control sounds great for the freeway but my freeway driving is fairly limited since I live out of town. I looked at other cars at first but why not pay about the same and get a hybrid, I figured. The extra package adds a decent amount to the price though and I am not sure if worth it. I may just stick with a basic V3 instead of the v5 but it is tempting if I can save enough.

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