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Homemade Cup O’Noodles

November 17, 2018 |

I LOVE this soup!! It’s soooo yummy and tasty. I of course make this vegan but even if you are not vegan you can make this and throw some chicken in it or even tuna.. Whatever totes your goats.

On Sunday I make 5 jars with everything I need and take one to work with me. All I do is boil some water in the microwave and fill the jar full to about 1 inch below the surface then I put the lid on, shake and let steep.

This has such a good flavor!!

I hate going out everyday for lunch and being vegan in a small town you don’t have many options at all. It’s not like I live in Gainesville Florida and can go to Vegan 2 Go, which is amazing by the way…. So this is such an easy way to make an awesome lunch for everyday of the week.

Just so you know, the freshness lasted ALL week, sure enough by Friday it was just as good as Monday.

Homemade Cup O’Noodles

This recipe is for 1 16 oz mason jars.

 1/2 cup of Somen Noodles or whatever choice noodle you want, you can use as many noodles as you want

1/2 carrot grated

1/2 diced green onion

5 to 6 sugar snap peas

a bunch of bean sprouts 

1 Tbsp veggie broth mix (I use this)

2 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce

Par boil noodles just to soften them. If you are making a weeks worth I just boil 1 8 oz bag of noodles. Then you add the veggies, I like to do it in layers and then the seasonings and soy sauce last. There you have it, put them in the fridge. Don’t forget to grab one on your way to work.  Just boil some water in the microwave then fill up the jar to the rounded top to at least give you about an inch to shake it. Top with the lid and shake it up and enjoy!!

This is tasty you drink every drop of broth.

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