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I Needed to Lose Weight Too

December 5, 2017 |

My wife lost weight nearly six years ago by using Nutrisystem. She was able to wean herself off of it after losing all the weight, and she has not gained a single pound back since. That is one of the nice things about Nutrisystem. It teaches you how to control your portions much better, and it also teaches you how to eat better too. While she has not gained any weight, the same cannot be said for me. That is why I did a search for the Nutrisystem for Men cost.

I wanted to see if it was still affordable, and I honestly did not know if it would be a different price for men. I was going to ask my wife to help me since she does her own meals now so successfully, but I thought that I would just check into this first. She has tried to help me in the past, and I have always complained about the size of the meals she wanted me to eat. Even though she has been completely successful, I still thought that it might be best for me to go through the program myself to see if it could help me.

Instead of offending her, she was actually very happy that I was taking this first step. She also thought it might be easier for me if I was following portion control by someone other than her. I went ahead and ordered my meal plans, and she was absolutely right about the portion controls. However, I was also not hungry at all while I was on this meal plan by Nutrisystem. It is hard to believe that I have lost nearly all the excess weight that I was carrying, but it is true. Nutrisystem has helped both of us conquer the war on weight.

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