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Men’s Aftershave

November 17, 2018 |

I found this recipe for aftershave for my husband and he absolutely loves it! It leaves his skin so soft actually our grandpup loves to lick it off his face. He says it doesn’t irritate his skin like regular aftershave does. This year for Christmas I might make up a bunch of these for my guys!!

4 Tbsp aloe gel

4 Tbsp witch hazel 

2 Tbsp distilled water

4 tsp vegetable glycerine

5-10 drops of each Cedar wood and Frankincense essential oils

I used a left over hot sauce bottle which I washed repeatedly and thoroughly. Could you imagine if I didn’t whoa he’d definitely feel the burn lol but I just mixed all the ingredients and shook it all up.

I love Cedar wood and Frankincense oils it gives it a manly woodsy scent with wrinkle fighting elements. You know it’s a battle we all face… Hope this works as well for you as it did for my better half.

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