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Our Fiber Optic Internet at Home Seems Faster Than What I Use at Work

April 12, 2015 |

We got a new TV with built in streaming apps for Christmas. Our daughter got her own game console. Both of the kids got new laptops. It was their first real computers. I got my wife a new tablet for her birthday. I have a fast computer I use for work. All of the hardware combined with our smartphones and security cameras being connected to the Internet made it so going to to get fiber optic service worth it. It is a much nicer experience to use those fancy new bandwidth hungry electronics on a really fast FIOS Internet service.Fiber Optic Internet at Home

It is tough to imagine the speeds of fiber optic Internet service unless you have tried it. The only comparable thing I can think of is the fast Internet I had when I was in college. When using their computers connected directly into the Internet backbone, it was just a second to download huge file sizes. Fiber optic is the next best thing to that.Plus, it is affordable. It would cost you a fortune to have a university level Internet connection, but fiber optic is affordable. If you get the top level of speed, you will not be able to get anything faster at your house.

I work in a small office and they have business level cable Internet. I am pretty sure it is actually slower than the fast fiber optic we have at our house. I can tell when I use this browser based software from a manufacturer we do business with. If I access it from work, it runs a little slow. If I access it at home on our own fiber optic service, it runs smooth. I am kind of happy that my home Internet connection is actually faster than what I get at work.

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