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What Causes Pain to Lower Back

January 18, 2015 |

One bad thing about sitting down is that causes backache. It will bring some health concerns that may lead to serious lower back pain. One may think otherwise and may believe it is just nothing but it may be a sign of something serious.

One of the most common concerns in work is lower back pain. Almost 90% of human beings will be affected at one point. This is also why more and more people visit a physician or a hospital. Furthermore, it is also the second most common complain next to headache.lower back pain

The common causes of lower back pain may involve disease or injury to the muscles, bones, nerves and the spine. Most disorders such as appendicitis, kidney diseases, ovarian cysts and infections from the kidney, bladder and pelvis may be referred to lower back pain. Doctors looked at the lower back pain as a symptom that will be another health concern.

Pain Lumbosacral area or the lower back part is the primary symptom of lower back pain. This kind of pain may spread out along the side, front or rear of your leg, become bad when doing the further physical movement, be worse at night or extended sitting during a lengthy car ride, experience some numbness in the part of the leg which receives delivery of nerves from a contracted nerve.

Eight identified red flags have been identified by the doctors when a person is undergoing assessment for lower back pain. It will enable the doctor to know where to focus and detect if there are fractures, infections, and tumors of the spine. The eight red flags are significant trauma such as fall from a vehicle accident, mild trauma for those people ages 50 and above -this may be because of a fall from the stairs and slipping, use of steroid – those people with rheumatic disorders and asthma may be given steroids for medication, women who have osteoporosis, cancer patients, people with infection history, people with a 100 F temperature and use of IV drugs – this will increase the risk of infection, unexplained loss of weight.

Other symptoms of lower back pain that needs an emergency room visit are the presence of any dysfunction of nerves, uncontrollable pain and loss of bowel or bladder control. Dysfunction of nerves would include the inability to walk or raise the lower foot. If one is experiencing n unmanageable pain even if you’re taking the medicine prescription, then a visit to the emergency hospital is definitely required. Lastly, loss of bowel or bladder control may include difficulty in starting or stopping the urine.  All of this may be an indication for a second look from your doctor or to any doctor that’s present in the emergency room.

Lower pain is not a simple matter. It is not supposed to be readily dismissed. You may disregard it as just exhaustion but it may be a symptom for a serious health concern. For precaution, you have to be sure to have yourself checked when experiencing lower back pain.

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